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It all started in 1973. My grandfather owned a local oil delivery business in Agawam Massachusetts. He said to my father that his customers had a hard time paying for oil that was 16 cents per gallon. My grandfather also predicted that someday oil would hit 25 cents per gallon and people would have a very hard time heating their homes. That year my father, Bob Cohen, started a woodstove distribution company in our family garage. We called it BAC Sales after my mother Barbara Ann Cohen. The first stove brand we sold was Better n Bens' made in Unionville CT. After years of calling on woodstove shops and working long hours my parents grew BAC Sales to employ 55 people and 60,000 ft2 of warehouse space. My whole life I have worked at BAC sales doing everything from punching holes in literature for my father's catalog in the 80's to driving delivery trucks and installing stoves and fireplaces in the late 80's and early 90's. In 1992 I became the owner of Jack's Sidilla Shoppe in Oneonta NY a retail store selling hearth products. From 1992 to 2003 I sold more than 2700 pellet and wood stoves. I have always wanted to make a better stove. Over the years I have always helped my manufacturers to improve their products with real world R&D. My belief is that real world testing is the best way to improve a product. 

   The Hudson river stoves are my crowning achievement. I have designed them to be simple to maintain and repair. I have tried to include large ash pans to extend cleaning intervals. I use magnetic access doors on all my pellet stoves. This is easier than unscrewing side panels to access components for yearly maintenance or repairs. This simple step will save my customers hundreds of dollars over the life of the stove. My way 5 seconds their way 10 minutes. I have designed my stoves to work in the real world not a laboratory. 

Jack Cohen

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