Natural Air Circulation Chart 1

The drawing below is a basic set-up of a rancher style home. Notice the vent above the stove, which does not have to be installed to get the hot air to the floor above. The heat will travel up through the stairs. In some cases, there are bedrooms on the floor above the stove, and you would not want that much of the hot air, to enter the room.

The other end of the home is where the cold air would be trapped and will stay, and no matter how hot you burn the stove, you will not be able to heat this area to well. By installing at least two or more of the Cold Air Drop Boxes with at least 14" down pass the ceiling, in the outside corners of the home. This will let the cold air pass through the hot air on the ceiling below, and create a natural circulation with no fans. This will create a even heat on the floor above.

A 4” x 10” floor vent on the floor and attach duct work with at least 4” x 10” box or larger. This duct would fit flush to the floor above and over the floor vent. Measure from the floor above to the finished ceiling. Then add at least 14” to that number. This would be the total length of the duct work. You can take this duct all the way to the floor and vent out the bottom.

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