EnergyMax Plus 110

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Since 1980, DS Stoves has been the premier choice for whole home heating solutions. As a family-owned business, we take great honor in our family values and integrity — and it shows in every wood, coal furnace and stove we manufacture. Traditional craftsmanship defines each stove, with a promise of high efficiency, low maintenance and quality to last a lifetime. DS Stoves are rich in tradition, with honesty and integrity built in.

• Made in USA            • Hand Crafted              • Built To Last                     • Easy Operation

• Tough                       • 5 Year Warranty          • Easy Maintenance           • Priced Right   


Our best seller, the EnergyMax 110 is designed for high efficiency and clean burn. It features a glass view door and can handle wood or coal. You can use the 110 in the basement to serve as a whole house heater or just a first floor unit. This EnergyMax uses the DS Regulator and Circulator and burns with 85% efficiency.

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This is how this stove gets it’s air intake, and how you control the amount of air the stove with let into the firebox. By doing so, you are also controlling the temperature of the stove. Say it’s the easier or late in the winter season (burning season), and you don’t need the stove temperature to burn at middle or high but a low, this is how you control it. It’s the easies and safer then the standard screw out and in knob or the slide to left to right, to bring air into the stove. If you set the DS Regulator and walk away, the stove will only get as high in temperature as you set it. No running away stove temperatures that could cause damage to stove or your home.

This stove uses DS Hot Air Circulator Heat Tubes, by circulating the air. The heat from the fuel and exhaust, heats these circulator tubes. The hot air rises out of the top of the tubes. When this happens, if creates a draw of air. The hot air leaving the top of the tubes has to be replaced. Cooler air that sits on the floor is now drawn up into the bottom of the tubes, making the air circulate. This is a continues process moving the air and heating the cooler air. 

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Other Features

87.9% efficiency 

Re-burn system for an “EXTREME” clean burn for wood or coal

Firebrick lining of firebox increases efficiency for longer burn times

Heat exchanger tubes for convectional circulation

Ceramic Glass in door with Air Wash System

Heavy Duty cast Iron Ash Grate System

Exterior Ash Shaker System reduces dust

Optional blower

Takes 18" logs

Firebox Size: 16” w. x 22 1/2” l. x 17 1/2” h.

Safety Tested to UL Standards

Fuel Type:  Wood & Coal

This Stove, using a Domestic Water Coil installed in the stove, can HEAT your Home and your Domestic Water at the same time, SAVING you money the whole winter season. Great !

Burns ANTHRACITE COAL (Hard) in the following sizes:

Egg:  3 1/4 x 2 7/16  

Stove:  2 7/16 x 1 5/8

Nut:  1 5/8 x 13/16

Pea:  13/16 x 9/16

Burns Cleaner with little to no smoke coming out your chimney, due to the Stoves Re-Burn System that creates “EXTREME” clean burns with both wood or coal.

Much LESS Creosote in your Chimney greatly reduces the chance of a chimney fire. (Burn only Seasoned Dry Wood) Burning COAL produces no creosote which is much SAFER for you and your family. 

The Re-Burn System also SAVES YOU MONEY, not only by Re-Burning the gases/smoke and using the heat, that normally goes up your chimney. Eliminating the need to purchase a catalytic converter (a device using a catalyst incorporated in the exhaust system of a stove which converts pollutant gases into less harmful ones.) These could cost between $400 - $800 every 4 to 5 years with other brands of stoves. YOU WON’T HAVE TO PAY THIS, WITH DS MACHINE STOVES RE-BURN SYSTEM, which does the same thing. This represents a substantial savings.

With the stove's Re-Burn System, Heavy Steel construction, Heat Exchanger Tubes and Firebrick lined firebox, you should burn 1/3 less wood (Dry seasoned hardwood). From 4 to 6 cords of wood a year. That’s a Savings if you buy your wood or less wood to move and carry if you cut your own.

If you choose to burn Coal for the whole season, you can save a lot of money and time, by producing more BTU’s with less labor and loading time. To heat your home to a temperature of 74 degrees F. through a winter season, you will need approximately 3 to 4 Tons of Coal. You can also burn Coal for early season, controlled to a low burn, then switch to wood in the middle of winter. Or burn all Coal or all Wood. Your choice.

If you need to replace Firebricks, they are standard size and low cost. Easy to find and install. 

Stove maintenance is low, requiring only normal cleaning. 

Well built, tough handcrafted stove that will last many years at a Great Price! 


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