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We have over 31 years of experience. We are also a fifth generation wood worker, with carpentry experience. Which is important when it comes to installing any stove, furnace or boiler. Having this knowledge and experience means we have the understanding of construction and how your home is constructed. This gives us the ability to design, build and create just about any idea into a completed project. From just basic installs of stove and chimney system, to a custom built project. There is a less chance of problems or unnecessary damages to your home. If you have a idea how you would like your fireplace or hearth area to look, then we can help you.

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MessickStove's Goals


Our goal is to provide you with the best products and customer service, and installation our products with the best service and skilled knowledgeable craftsman. Helping you save money heating your home and being safe while doing so. Educating our customers on our products and how they work, and how to use them. Working with you to selecting the right product(s) that will be the best to heat your your home or building. Providing you with our knowledge and helping you with the products you purchase from us as well as installation and tech help. All technicians are professional and trained.

When Purchasing From MessickStove


When purchasing from MessickStove, you get Our Knowledge. Our service to you, is important to us. We help you from start to finish with your heating needs, and beyond the sale. We do more then just telling you about the great products we sell. We ask you the right questions to help size the right stove or boiler for your heating needs, taking the guessing out of the process. We know that we may not get every install job when we sell a stove. Some people would like to install the heating unit for their own self. If you need help installing the stove, boiler or chimney system after you purchase it from us, we are here to help you. We will be here for you with your Set-up and Installation. We like to think we are not much different then you. We want and need the same things from a hearth dealer. Knowledge about the products, Sizing the right heating unit for you, Service before and after the sale, Set-up and Installation Help and Using and Burning wood or coal. When you purchase from MessickStove, it’s like having us there with you.

Helping You Keep Your Family Warm and Safe, While Saving You Money.

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