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I Install Chimney Liners and Chimneys
Updated DS Machine Stove EnergyMAX 110 & 160
New DS Machine AquaGem Wood & Coal Boiler UL Tested & Listed
New DS Machine Stove Catalog and Brochures
New Selkirk UltimateOne Stainless Steel Chimney System
New HeatStar Vent-Free Gas Heaters by Enerco
Chimtek Masonry Chimney System (Best Masonry Chimney)
Wood,Inserts, Pellet, Gas Stoves by Napoleon and Timberwolf
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I think these are the best Wood & Coal burning stoves and furnaces you can buy.  These units come in many different models, and sizes with BTU’s to fit any home or shop. Built in the USA, and handcrafted by skilled craftsmen, that care about their work. The Stoves & Furnaces have a 5 Year Limited Warranty. They are built to last. 

Take a tour of this website, and look at all the different models by clicking on STOVES at the top. Give me a call for more information and a price quote.

D.S. Machine Stoves are Built and Handcrafted by the Amish. Amish made in USA. Wood & Coal Stoves and Boilers are Built and Handcrafted by the Amish at DS machine Stoves. Amish Built Wood & Coal Stoves, Furnaces, and Boilers. Amish built Wood & Coal Stove, Furnace and Boilers.


If you need Chimney pipe, then call for a quote. There is Black Stove Pipe, Galvanized, Stainless Snap Lock, Stainless Steel Rigid 304 and 316 24 Ga. pipe and liner, Double Wall Black Pipe, Double Wall Insulated Stainless Steel and Stainless Steel Flex Liners. Click on CHIMNEY PIPE at the top.

For new block and brick chimney, there is Chimtek Masonry Chimney System. Far more superior then the standard flue, and can take a chimney fire with out cracking. Long lasting and high temperatures. Click on CHIMNEY PIPE at the top.


Everything else you may need or what to use and maintain your wood or coal burning stove or furnace. 

    • Hearth Tile Boards                    • Floor Grilles & Registers        • Shovel and Bucket 
    • Fire Bricks in different sizes    • Black stove Paint                    • Eco Fans
    • Poker Rod                                  • Stove Pipe Heat Saver            • Chimney Fire Sticks
    • Creosote Stopper                      • Creosote Remover                  • Furnace Cement
    • Fireplace Mortar                        • Stove & Gasket Cement          • Fiberglass Gasket
    • Glass Cleaner                            • Chimney Sweep Brush Wire and Poly


Below are the services I offer. You have not have a chimney now and need one. I offer the Installation Service. If your existing chimney is damaged and you need to have a new chimney liner installed. Yes, I offer this service also.

Installation of SuperPro Stainless Steel Chimney
Installation of Chimney liners
Design & Sales, part list for Chimney, Chimney Liners and Stove Pipe (Do-It-Yourself)
Sales of Wood & Coal Stoves
Sales of Stove Accessories
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  1. Stay Warm all Winter Long with The Best Wood & Coal Stoves
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  1. Stay Warm all Winter Long with The Best Wood & Coal Stoves
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