EnergyMAX Plus 110


I think DS Machine Stoves are the best Wood & Coal burning stoves and furnaces you can buy.  These units come in many different models, and sizes with BTU’s to fit any home or shop. Built in the USA, and handcrafted by skilled craftsmen, that care about their work. The Stoves & Furnaces have a 5 Year Limited Warranty. They are built to last. 

Save money heating your home this winter. Some stoves also have a add on that will heat your homes hot water. Now that is a saving we all can use. You can burn Wood or Coal in most of the models. Coal is the best all around fuel that everyone can save and enjoy with ease of use. CLICK on COAL above to learn more. You will be surprised.
Hand Crafted Built To Last 
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EnergyMAX PLUS 110

Fire Box: 16” x 22 1/2”
Size: 26” W. x 37 1/2” H. x 30” D.
Load: Front
Weight: 750 lb.
Flue: 6” Standard
BTU: 110,000
Heating Sq Ft: 2,400
Re-burn system for an “EXTREME” clean burn
Heat exchanger tubes
* Safety Tested to UL Standards
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EnergyMAX PLUS 110

Other Features

87.9% efficiency 
New Improved Air Wash / Draft Control for 2012 (Over Loading Door on Right)
New Grate Plate for burning wood only. (Helps to build a better wood ash base for better controlled and longer burns. Creates smaller air flow area through bottom of Cast Iron Grates.  Remove before burning coal.)
Re-burn system for an “EXTREME” clean burn for wood or coal
Firebrick lining of firebox increases efficiency for longer burn times
Heat exchanger tubes for convectional circulation
Ceramic glass in door with Air Wash System
Heavy Duty cast iron ash grate system
Exterior ash shaker system reduces dust
Optional blower
Takes 18" logs
Firebox Size: 16” w. x 22 1/2” l. x 17 1/2” h.
Safety Tested to UL Standards
Fuel Type:  Wood & Coal
This Stove can HEAT your Home and your Domestic Water at the same time, SAVING you money. Using Domestic Water Coil that is installed into the stove. You can heat your home and water all winter season. Great !

Burns ANTHRACITE COAL (Hard) in the following sizes:
Egg:  3 1/4 x 2 7/16  
Stove:  2 7/16 x 1 5/8
Nut:  1 5/8 x 13/16
Pea:  13/16 x 9/16

Burns Cleaner with no smoke due to the Stoves Re-Burn System that creates “EXTREME” clean burn for wood or coal.

You will see very little to no smoke coming out your chimney. Way LESS Creosote in your Chimney. A lot SAFER for you and your family. A lot less chance you will get a chimney fire (Burn only Seasoned Dry Wood at or above 275 degrees). Burning COAL, you will never have to worry about a chimney fire, only with if you burn unseasoned wood and or below 275 degrees.

The Re-Burn System also SAVES YOU MONEY. Not just by re-burning the smoke and using the heat, that normally goes up your chimney. Also by NOT Having to buy a catalytic converter (a device incorporated in the exhaust system of a stove containing a catalyst for converting pollutant gases into less harmful ones.) which could cost between $400 - $800 every 4 to 5 years to replace in other stoves. YOU WON’T HAVE TO PAY THIS, WITH THIS STOVES RE-BURN SYSTEM, which does the same thing. Big Savings.

With the Re-Burn System, Heavy Steel, Heat Exchanger Tubes and Firebrick lined firebox. You will burn 1/3 less wood (Dry seasoned hardwood). From 6 cords of wood to 4 cords a year. That’s a Savings if you buy your wood or cut your own wood. Less wood to move and carry.

If you choose to burn Coal for the whole season, you can save a lot of money and time, with more BTU’s and less loading times. To heat your home using this stove for a winter season, you will need about 3 Tons of Coal, and no more then 4 Tons. Keeping your home at 74 degrees. You can also burn Coal for early season and control it to a low burn, and then Wood in the middle of winter.  Or burn all Coal or Wood. Your choice.

When you need to replace the Firebricks. The Firebricks are standard size and low cost.  No special brick or brick board to buy costing you a lot of money. 

The Maintenance on the stove is low. Normal cleaning. 

Great Well Built and Tough Handcrafted Stove, that will last many years at a Great Price now and a Low Cost to maintain. SAVING YOU MONEY AND TIME.

Front Right View. The silver knobs at the bottom of the stove in the ash door, are for looks and do not control air flow into the stove. Air control is on the back of the stove. See photo below which will show you.
Left Side of the stove. Notice the panel on with the slots in the top. The slots let the heat out from the side of the side of the stove. Notice the feet. The back has the a heat direction steel at the top. You can see the ash grate shaker handle at the bottom front right of this photo.
Top View. There is the 6” flue smoke out let. Again you see the heat direction steel at the back. Now for the great Heat ExChanger Tubes (5) on the left side. Pushes the heat out and into the room. The handle in the center of the stove is your smoke close off damper for re-burn.
Inside Photo. The firebrick are standard size and not custom for low cost and maintenance of the stove. The X straps are for shipping and need to be removed.  The Cast Iron Grate System and the two Cast Iron Firebox Louvers, on the left bottom.
Inside Back Left Photo. One of Cast Iron Firebox Louver in the back left of the firebox. This is where the air is let into the firebox. This works with the Mechanical Regulator and controlling the amount of air that comes into your firebox. You can control the temperature of the fire.
Inside Top Photo. The three steel tubes with holes in them, like your outside cooking grill, is the Re-Burn System. The Re-Burn System that creates “EXTREME” clean burn for wood and coal. This is how the stoves gets the 87.9% Efficiency. Burns the smoke and lets little go out the chimney.
Inside Top Photo. Again you see the RE-Burn System Tubes. Less creosote in your chimney which means cleaner chimney and no chimney fires. (Burn seasoned dry wood only at or above 275 degrees.) Notice the opening in top back. This is the shut off damper to let smoke be re-burned.
Inside Photo. The firebricks are stacked two high. Getting you 14” W. x 20 1/2” L. x 17 1/2” H. of burning space for wood or coal. That’s 2.90 cubic feet. This unit can hold some wood or coal. All day burns with wood and two to three days or more when burning coal. (Depends on temperature.)
Inside Bottom Photo. The Cast Iron Grates. The main control of the ash from wood and coal. The grates can take the heat, and are designed to make your daily shake down easy. No dust with the shaker handle on the outside the the stove. Leaving the dust inside the ash door area.
Inside Bottom Photo. The Cast Iron Grates make cleaning out your stove very easy. If you can doing a restart or end of the season cleaning. The grates open  wide open to allow the materials to fall down the the ash pan. The grates can be replaced also every easy if they ever need to be replaced.
Inside Bottom Photo. The Cast Iron Grates opened in the other direction. Notice the fine small holes in the grate. Not letting any large pieces of wood or coal to pass by and into the ash pan until they are burned. Unless you open them up like this to do the cleaning.
Inside Left Photo. The two Cast Iron Firebox Louvers, that feed the fire with air to the bottom of the fire. Build to take the heat. This is another great system for this stove. Putting the air where it is needed to help burn better.
Inside Photo. Here you can see the door opening and into the firebox. As you can see, there is a lot of room for the wood or coal. You will not have a problem loading this unit up. Notice the steel door lip that the stove door closes into.
The Door Photo. A Cast Iron Door with glass. Lets you see the fire and the amount of wood or coal inside, without opening the stove door. Well built. The door and the glass is also replaceable if it ever needed. The glass is Ceramic Glass. The stove also have a glass cleaning system. Air Wash System.
Top of Stove Photo. You can see that the smoke damper in this photo is closed. Forcing the smoke into the stoves Re-Burn System and giving you the heat from the smoke.  The smoke and heat would normally go out your chimney and that would be a lost heat to you.
Top of Stove Photo. In this photo the smoke damper is now open and you can see into the stove. You can see the Cast Iron Grates. When you are ready to open the stove door. You will open this damper by pulling straight out on the damper handle. This will let the smoke past out. Close the damper when you close the door.
Back Photo. This is the Air Mechanical Regulator Control Box and Draft Intake Assembly System. This is how you control the amount of air, that is let into the stoves firebox through the Cast Iron Firebox Louvers, on the inside of the stove in the firebox. There is two Louvers.
Bottom Front Photo. After enjoying the heat that this stove puts out, the ashes from burning wood or coal has to been removed. The Ash Pan. When you shake the Cast Iron Grates the ash falls down in the Ash Pan. Open the Ash Door and use gloves to remove the Ash Pan.
Bottom Front Photo. The Ash Pan is about as long as the Firebox which is 20 1/2” L. and about 14” w. and about 3” h. Making cleaning the ashes out easy. Put the ashes into approved Ash Pail and place outside to let cool. Then the ashes can be dumped out.
SELLER Stove Can Heat Your Hot Water. # 1 Selling Wood & Coal Stove
This Stainless Steel Domestic Water Coil can be added to this stove. Then pipped using two lines from your existing hot water heater to the stove. By doing this you will heat your water and not have to pay a bill for heating your water. SAVES YOU MONEY.  Heat your home and water. Great Deal.
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EnergyMAX 110
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EnergyMAX 110
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87.9%Efficiency #1
SELLER New Improved Air Wash/Draft Control for 2012 With Coal This Unit will Produces Higher BTU’s #1
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