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Colder Then Average Winter Coming

Get ready now as the heating season is nearing soon. The weather people are talking about this winter going to be colder, and more snow then average. Be ready.

Stove & Chimney Quotes by e-mail

Get Phone Quotes in writing by email a lot faster now, and lock the price in for 30 days. Click on Contact menu at the top and fill out the online quote form. It’s that easy.

Online Purchasing Coming Soon!

COMING SOON, our NEW Online Store. For your convenience you will be able to purchase and pay for our products right from your computer.

New 2014! Smaller Forced Air Furnace

100,000 btu’s and Burns Wood and Coal and Can Heat Your Domestic Hot Water

New For 2014! GH Blast - Greenhouse Stove - No Electric


Canning Seasoning


Wood Fuel Canners, Cookers and Cold Drinks

These canners are designed to cold pack and cook large batches of food. You can save money burning wood or inserting an LP Gas burner. The 15 and 25 canners models are specially designed to fit our 2-burner gas cook stoves. We make canners from 15 to 36 quart, holding 13 to 37 gallons! Use the canners on the stove top or freestanding wood fired.

• Cold Packing   • Hot Water   • Frying   

• Soup Making    • Cold Drinks

Stainless Steel Chimney Systems & Chimney Liners


It’s a Great time to get a New Chimney System or Chimney Liner Installed. Also Chimney Cleaning.

New Chimney System or Chimney Liner for your existing masonry chimney. All work is inspected by your local inspector. Even if you don’t burn wood or coal as a heat source, we install chimney liners for your existing heat application. 

Also, don’t forget to keep your chimney clean with our Chimney Cleaning Service.

SuperPro (SPR) is designed for All-Fuel applications (For Coal, Wood and All Other Fuels) - with a Stainless Steel outer casing. Sold through professional installer markets. Sizes: 5", 6", 7", 8". Insulation: 1"+ Solid Pack, Listings: UL-103 HT

Our Stainless Steel Chimney Systems and Our Stainless Steel Liners comes with a Lifetime Warranty. Both the Chimney and Liner Systems are Rated for Burning Coal and Wood. The Best Long Lasting System you can purchase.

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