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The all New for 2015-2016, Anthra-Max Coal Stove by DS Stove. Available Now!!! Click Here for more Information. Updated Specs.

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Three Models: DS-XV14, DS-XV15, DS-XV16

Changes for 2015-2016

• ComfortMax 75: Label Changed to Coal Only. Stove Can Burn Wood.

• EnegryMax 110: New Skirting; Cast Iron Ceiling; Ash Door Knobs Removed.

• EnegryMax 160: Cast Iron Ceiling; Ash Door Knobs Removed.


• Aqua-Gem Boilers: Label Changed to Coal Only. Can Burn Wood.

• The Circulator Stoves Will Be Discontinued After This Heating Season 2015-2016. If you would like one, Order One Soon!

• Specialty Boiler #36W Wood Water Heater: Discontinued. 

• Specialty Boiler #30-2432 Wood Boiler: Discontinued. 

More Updates and Changes for 2015 - 2016 Stoves Coming Soon!

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Comfort MaxEnergyMax 110EnergyMax 160Ecomiser 200-10Kozy-King 300-09Econo Riteburn 1624HeatRight 120DS Circulator 1500CoalMaster_2100_w_hopperAqua-Gem_3200_Boiler_w_insulation kitPower Boiler 6000151_Bucket-a-Day_Boiler9158_Coal_Boiler36W_Wood_Water_Heater_Boiler30-2432_Wood_Boiler24W_Wood_Water_Heater_Boiler

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Spring is Here! Lets Not Forget About This Pass Cold Winter, and Order Your Stove, Furnace, Boiler and Chimeny System or Liner Now, for This Coming Winter. Be Prepared!

Many people this pass winter were not as ready as they thought. Winter gave us a big cold for some time. Some ran out of wood and coal early and was in search for fuel. Get your Coal and Firewood now and be ready. 

Also, if you have a older stove or a stove that is not up to heating your home or building, its time to do so now. Call us and we will help you. DS Stoves builds very fine stoves, furnaces and boilers that produces a lot of heat output, while burning less fuel. 

Remember your stove is half of the system, and the other half is your Chimney. For those of you that new a New Chimney System or Chimney Liner, we have the products to help you. 

MessickStove is here to help you and to take your order. Give us a call.

Stainless Steel Chimney Systems & Chimney Liners


It’s a Great time to get a New Chimney System or Chimney Liner Installed. Also Chimney Cleaning.

New Chimney System or Chimney Liner for your existing masonry chimney. All work is inspected by your local inspector. Even if you don’t burn wood or coal as a heat source, we install chimney liners for your existing heat application. 

Also, don’t forget to keep your chimney clean with our Chimney Cleaning Service.

SuperPro (SPR) is designed for All-Fuel applications (For Coal, Wood and All Other Fuels) - with a Stainless Steel outer casing. Sold through professional installer markets. Sizes: 5", 6", 7", 8". Insulation: 1"+ Solid Pack, Listings: UL-103 HT

Our Stainless Steel Chimney Systems and Our Stainless Steel Liners comes with a Lifetime Warranty. Both the Chimney and Liner Systems are Rated for Burning Coal and Wood. The Best Long Lasting System you can purchase.

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